Thursday, April 14, 2011

the human observer

No one will ever know the truth but only themselves and the Mighty God.Today it was shown before my very eyes that we can never guess the real characteristic of one person just by seeing things only from one side of point of view. We just need to learn from all directions to find out everything and put back all the pieces in the puzzle.

An angel would turned into be a demon in no time when the situation has changed. The evil composition spilled out quickly from their lips as they started spreading the news among the others. I've been wondering what kind of people I've met for the past few months lately?...
I have never been in such worse situation as this for the past few years. Well, actually I've met such people before but luckily I didn't get along with them. Unfortunately, right now I have to deal with such situation where I can't avoid but try to be among them without getting poisoned with their filthy minds. I hope God protects me from the bloody influence and keep me clean as a still water flowing inside virgin forest. However it doesn't stop me from the confusion of how to deal with them later on and on.

'Keep your friend close and keep your enemy closer', I have to keep this in mind while facing them. It really reminded me back then when I watch Largo. I have to keep an eye and observe everything potentially and crucially important in every detail and aspects concerning them. At least I have to hold on until the goal is accomplished. I wish God be with me until then, because I want nothing but to please my dear mom and myself, not to mention achieving noble purpose in bringing something new for the future of the children such as my nephews.Amen

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