Saturday, April 2, 2011

teach me

Teacher. This is not merely seven letters without meaning for those who understand and place it in their heart as a' forever badge' that will be carried out for the rest of their life. The word is defined in something with special purpose, even noble purpose to deliver and spread the unlimited knowledge to us for the sake of our future or whatever that would lead our way towards our tomorrow.

However, lately I've been losing the faith of believing that this definition truly exist in our daily life. Why? because I've witnessed many things happened before my eyes which turned out in the other way around. They, who supposed to show me how to become a great role model have failed to do so. Instead of performing the amazing examples, they've shown me how easy it was to turned one noble and priceless occupation into something shallow and shameful.

I will not go any further by judging nor exposing those people who got themselves 'amnesia' fever in neglecting their holy duty, but I only want to share some of my thoughts. I know nothing is for free nowadays where everything is getting more expensive and the lifestyle is not as easy as it was back then. Things simply has money taking part of it. I just wonder is it really difficult to keep our heart and mind to the proper place?without involving money and more money to satisfy our greedy self?. At least, I expect for teachers wherever they are, please get a grip and put back all your senses to where it belongs. All because I want to take more lessons and great examples for my own life from you, I want to make all of you as role model for I have never been became a real teacher in certain school, in holy religious place, hence I'm not a teacher in the first place but do something else for living. However,someday I want to be as one of you but I need to resolve everything first in my mind and see if things shown differently later on.

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