Saturday, May 7, 2011

who are you?

Human is truly an awesome creature made by God with the amount of complexity that we might never be able to comprehend wholly. All my life, I've met many kinds of people with their own unique characteristics. However, honestly I can never really understand, perhaps nothing at all.For what we've seen in the appearance may not be the same as it is in their true form.

I've learned a lot about this, how flexible can a person be to change their nature from good into bad, from humble to arrogant, from truly sincere into taking everything for granted.Frankly, I'm tired even exhausted with this fact,although I, myself may not be the perfect person either to have the right to judge others.However, this thought has come and over so often that I couldn't resist to finally spill it out here, in this note.

Why there are so many inconsistency in this life, why we haven't been fairly treated as human being, why they keep on bugging us with their own prejudice and sceptical opinion about the 'truth' without ever trying for once confirming what the hell is going on?

People may say their own truth, but I just wish they would've just keep their mouth shut and put it only in their perspective mind without bothering themselves spreading rumors and lies about each other.I'm sick and tired dealing with all of this almost all the time. Yes, I know very well that life is no where near to be just a roller coaster, but so much more complicated than that.

In the end, all that come to my mind would be just no one would ever know the truth, the deepest thought about ourselves and people that we've known along the journey throughout our entire life.Perhaps it would be a disaster as if the pandora box has open forever when all the truth revealed before our very own eyes...

So,say it again, who am I and who are you truly anyway?

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