Friday, June 10, 2011


Lately I've gained some lesson from all around me.For I've learned that some things just didn't work in a way that I thought it would be.For I've noticed that some people wore an invisible mask to hide themselves perfectly til I failed to recognize the real face behind it. Perhaps I was just too naive to think that I've figured out and guessed it correctly, but then again I was totally wrong.

It was rather amazing to see all of the 'incredible and talented' infamous actors and actresses played their parts in the real life stories.Unfortunately I didn't want to see this since it wasn't a great movie in the cinema.I'd rather being left in my solitude and feel comfortable with it on my own, and in my own way.

No matter how many years, you felt like you already knew them, your closest friends, but you just don't.That's exactly how it is, and always be.Once you realize that there's no such thing as take an give in your friendship, you will feel free to abandon it.The simplest way is just to do the same,that's it.

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