Wednesday, June 29, 2011

kenichi matsuyama (L-death note)) weds Koyuki(kimi wa petto)

Who is L? There’s no L here except Momo..

Best known for his character – L in Death Note, Ken’ichi Matsuyama (Zeni Geba, Sexy Voice and Robo, Detroit Metal City) has acknowledged his relationship with Koyuki (Kimi wa Petto, Blood: The Last Vampire) at the press conference for his new movie Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. When reporters asked Matsuyama if he has kissed Koyuki before, and if their relationship was progressing smoothly, he answered “yes” to both questions. He then bowed to the crowd of reporters before leaving the stage.

Hmmm.. In 2008 Ken’ichi Matsuyama plays a youth who falls an older woman in Don’t Laugh at My Romance whereas Koyuki falls for a younger man aka her human pet in Kimi wa Petto in 1993. In reality, they met in Kamui Gaiden and fall for one another. Ken’ichi is now the new Momo…. :D they got married on April 21, 2011.

click here for more info, and in Indonesian version here

comment: Finally koyuki found her Momo in real life :D. I like both of them.

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