Sunday, June 19, 2011

naruto update chapter 533-543, anime eps and other series

Naruto chapter 533-543: the story revolved around the fighting between mifune and hanzou, team asuma,a reunion between master and disciple. Then Naruto realized something wasn't right and tried to escape from the hidden place with killer bee. Iruka tried to persuade him but it was useless. Madara's strategy to attack by night falls. white zetsu has the ability to copy the chakra and power of the shinobi which once he touched. He made a chaos by pretending to be Neji and killed some of medic-nin,until Sakura found out. Once again naruto's way to go to the war has been blocked by Hokage and Raikage, a bit of fight, a bit of history between Raikage and Bee,until Bee managed to show how strong he is now.

Anime eps: all based on manga unfortunately filled by many unnecessary flashbacks after the fighting between danzou and sasuke has ended.the anime based on manga probably only 5-10minutes and the rest is annoying flashbacks.

Bleach: Ichigo finally managed to reach his fullbring,but then again it all becomes so boring without Rukia. I dislike Orihime so much but she got more portions lately.

Kenichi: another confrontation between Yami and Ryozanpaku, after the fighting between Agaard and Apachai, kenichi and koukin. a slight romance filled within, now goes to Sakaki's upcoming fight with Akira.the better yami among all other masters.

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