Monday, August 15, 2011

fly me to the moon

Some friends of mine said that they wouldn't be able to be as good as someone else who has great skill in certain language. Others said that they couldn't possibly be as great as their fave artist who creates fine arts and drawings. I told them it was nonsense, for nothing is truly impossible as long as you try your hardest.Until you push yourself over the limit, you haven't done your best. mind with all the craps about talent and such, for something will change if you really want it too.
A few decades back then, people laughed when the idea of going to the moon popped up among the society,they said it was crazy and impossible, but you know its possible and someone was able put his steps on the moon for the 1st time. Human is blessed with brain and heart by the Almighty God to think and to feel where millions of creations and ideas will be produced as long as its used properly. I refuse to accept that things are solely or most of it depend on talent,for I've learned without great determination, motivation and effort, nothing will be accomplished the way it should be.
Nobody is smarter than the other or on the contrary, dumber than the other.The difference lies in the practice, the passion and the love of doing something we want to be skilled at.If you want to be good at the language, then learn, comprehend, practice and do it your best,including all the aspects of it,such as the culture, the history, the current information,basically, just open up your mind for all the things that related to the language.It doesn't have to be that far by going abroad and stay overseas or visit certain places where the language is being used or taking long period of an expensive courses to be that good. All may help but the result is only within you to decide. And as for drawing, as long as you do it with love and wholehearted, the result will be as beautiful as you want it to be and the people around you would feel it the same way. Always try to improve, always open up for constructive criticism and suggestion, always do it to the absolute fullest,then you'll see, you will say 'fly me to the moon'.. for its no longer something on a whim.

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