Saturday, October 8, 2011

Desire(Kotano Kenichi) - Manga

synopsis: Takashi Fujii is an elite salaryman who had graduated from a high class university. One day he meets a mysterious lady by the name Rikaco, and his 'DESIRE' starts to silently, but intensely burn... for more info you can Google it :P

comment: If you can guess from the cover of the manga, then you'll know what type of manga it is. This is for adult, +18 reader, seinen, ecchi, whatever you might call it for mature viewers.

The story is close to daily life of one salaryman, about his experiences for coming across so many beautiful girls(which is really imaginative) and shares a 'romantic moments' with them.At first, it was really interesting with the Rikaco character appearance,but somehow after several chapters, she's missing in story without proper explanation.The rest of the story was about having one night stand after one time bumping to each other,or meeting people from the past. If this was the pioneer which released earlier before Virgin Na Kankei and Love junkies, then the two I mentioned later on were the followers for sharing typical almost similar stories. I partly disturbed by the ecchi thing but I love the twist and turn in the plot along the story, where the main character is not just a player or cheater who stupidly gave up only on his lust which were described in the other 2 manga.

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