Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's not merely seven words without meaning. It has deep perspective of how we see each other as social being with the needs that would drawn us in one place, one point of view. It's a bond of brotherhood and sisterhood which sometimes even closer than real siblings ever will be.There are pureness, sincerity, kindness, honesty, respect,appreciation,as the ropes of hopes for life, for future in a long term relationship.Holding hands, trust your life to the other, sharing the good and bad times, remembering the obstacles you've been through, acknowledging their existences, are some of the applied forms of those ropes.

However, when one of you neglecting the essence of it and doing the reversal application, then there will be a session to start questioning yourself,what's wrong? or what exactly did i do wrong this time?. Thus, not all the questions will get proper answers but wider and larger mystery concerning human's heart. You will only find a dead end for no one will ever knows the depth of the heart and mind but themselves and God.

Human is capable of acting true,pure and honest as a bare naked body that visible for anyone to see or hid behind the mask to cover all the stinky thoughts they don't want others to know. Between black,white, there is always grey. I don't want to be black, but I'm not too white either, just one thing for sure, I try as much as I can not to turn into grey. In brief, I will not hold on to the hands who let me go like I was invisible, because to make a sound from a clap needs 2hands and not one.

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