Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sensei/teacher, this is simply 'Amazing'

I've been thinking and wondering lately then the questions just suddenly popped up and surround me.Is it fair to claim things that you don't deserve to have? is it fair for good people got rid by cheater?Is it fair to treat kind people by misuse their generosity?is it fair to judge smarter and lazier people into the same level without ever trying to distinguish the differences? And you know what? it's happening in real life! it's SIMPLY AMAZING.

I know life was never meant to be easy but I just can't stand to leave it this way. As if I watch the movie, I don't want the protagonist to be the loser but the winner and I think all people would agree with me on this.I can't understand why on earth this is happening all the time.Good, honest, smart people lost because of the unfairness from some bad, cheater, lazy people.I do believe we would get a good thing if we do goodness towards other, and in the opposite bad things will happen as a karma when we do awful things.However, the good thing that suppose to happen just ain't happening because of -God knows why- recklessness of some people who claimed themselves smarter, a know-it-all loser who never even care to take a look at themselves for once and do things right.

Nobody I mean NOBODY can guarantee once they get older they'll get wiser, better, kinder,not at all. Some people just choose to stuck on their childish personality and refuse to look at things in other perspective.It makes me sick to my stomach to deal with such people. Nobody can assure themselves of becoming highly intelligent creature after studying for years and had a prerogative right to underestimate younger people than them.Please look at everyone in closer view and learn their effort and feeling, for they are also try hard, at least some people are trying hard to do their best. Don't kill the passion for studying by giving unfair judgement towards them,towards us.All in the name of good and noble occupation and profession to lead one better generation for the future of this nation.I do believe good guidance would bring good result.try to forget about faces, names, appearance as if you're blindfolded so that u can't see anything and simply do the right thing with your heart and conscious mind.

live honest for I believe we'll get blessed and bigger outcome/feedback from the actions.

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