Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it's all in your head


are you there? are you alive?.If you try to talk to someone whose not even understand what you mean, then it's useless. Hey I'm not ms perfect, I don't even try to be one, not at all, just try to do the best.That's all.

If I have new friend, I will always being cautious not that I don't trust them but never want to let anyone get into my personal life that easy.However, one thing for sure, I will never make anything that will cost anyone's damage.If I start to trust them I will slowly reveal the real me.

I divide my personal life which is the real life in the real world and my professional life,including my hobby which is mostly connect to my imagination. I never put a limit to my imagination cause it's not something I've done in real life. I respect and appreciate my life very much to the point of keeping myself from being influenced by other that easy. I believe my religion wholly, I never had any doubt in it, and I never let myself intentionally drown in sins or things that forbidden by the rule. Take a simple thing, shaking hands with a man, watch a movie in a cinema,etc. I'm a very conservative person concerning my personal life.Even my ex-bosses whose coming from Europe appreciate my principles.They never force themselves to shake hands and we respect our own religion our own way of life.I don't care if they as western people, drink alcohol or live together without marriage, I don't care as long as I didn't do the same and stick to my own believe.I respect and appreciate their decision and they do the same with mine.

As for my professional life and hobby, I've never restrained myself to do things that I like.I've never set a limit to my imagination because imagination is not something real, it's an idea, a fiction.I've designed so many clothes, short pants, daring clothes or tend to pervy comics but I didn't do that in real life, I didn't even wear tight pants and clothes for crying out loud.

How unfortunate if some people judged me only for what i chose.I'm a person who love peace, and I try my best to fit in the society without making them uneasy because of my existence.I thought every one I knew is the same as they suppose to be,a mature and grown up person who would kindly and willingly accept to be criticize.Hence, I often let myself being criticized if it makes me better,but I was wrong. Some people still trapped in a mature body with a childish personality from years ago.

Yo! wake up! good friends will tell you the truth not the sweet lies.I didn't act to be nice with hidden purpose, I just want to help if i can help as a friend.I don't know who the hell are you for God sake, but if it's a bitter criticism that will make you a better person why don't you just take it or leave it,just as simple as that, period.Not by trying to make quick analysis on something you hardly knew. I've been through a lot but you'll never understand since we don't speak and comprehend 'the same language'.It's all up to you now, I don't care with whatever you do or want, I will never bother to care anymore.it's your life, and it's my life.we live it our way. Don't expect anyone would understand you always when you don't try to do the same.

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