Saturday, December 3, 2011

pretend to be blind

When I read this article, I was like waah, how exaggerating the leader of my country was. He spent a lot of money by closing his eyes of how poor most of the citizens are, just to celebrate his 2nd son's wedding.

I had enough of this shitty news about the government, the parliament, the politics, especially their life style. As if they were greedy rats who eat out all, everything even if it means killing the rights of millions of people.
They should be ashamed of themselves, for they were to be claimed as well or high educated people,but the reality is, they act as bunch of people who'd never taste the sweet life full of luxury. They have been turned themselves as shallow-minded pygmies who act like the devil after consumed the corruption and gratification money. Not to mention the money laundry to feed their disgusting appetite of wealth and power.

I wonder where their consciousnesses have gone? are they no longer human for they have lost their humanity towards other? or their brain are just too stupid to think too much but only about their own.

I'm sick of them, and never felt proud of them even a bit. They have put money above everything, turned it as their mighty God.What a silly and stupid people. True God won't see how good you are about money, power, education but your devotion towards Him.

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