Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the princess man, 49 days (Korean Drama 2011)

 The Princess man

Synopsis:  It's a Chosun dynasty version of “Romeo and Juliet”.click here for complete info.

49 days

Synopsis: a lost soul search for a here for complete info.

Review after watching: First, the princess man (tPM), The beginning was promising and I thought the story line would be lighter than all the previous dramas I've watched before,such as Iljimae, painter of the wind, etc, but I was wrong. This was the exact mainstream of Korean drama with old time setting.In the end, the protagonists who had suffered a lot gained a little bit of happiness meanwhile the antagonists didn't get what he deserved. I know revenge is not the solution, however its not the best choice either for the ending of the story by making the protagonists became so wise and forgiving toward the enemies who have killed his family members. All in the name of love, what a tiring love story, quite predictable,although the chemistry built rather nicely between the main casts.Overall, quite nice about the love story but so so for the whole plot.
And now about the 2nd drama, 49days. Actually my sis offered me to watch the DVD a few weeks before its aired on the local TV(currently still airing) but that time I wasn't interested. After I watched several episodes, I decided to borrow it to watch the whole episodes without waiting everyday for it. It was interesting, also offered some funny parts where we can laugh but on the other hand, cried a lot because of some devastating scenes. It worshiped the divinity of love, taught us the real human figures and personalities, ambitions,etc. We may see what we want to see, but not what we need to see.I may expect the ending to be different but its also reasonable with what they showed anyway. 

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filebookph said...

I so love this korean drama. Sadly it was already over. Hope they will make a part 2 of this.