Thursday, February 2, 2012


Just yesterday I watched on TV someone quite famous has died of his sickness.It got me thinking of something crucial about human being, about being sincere. It reminded me of one Korean Drama I've watched before, 49days, especially the part when the soul reaper showed the lost soul of a coma girl one funeral scene and taught her about sincerity based on tears. There are tears of happiness - happy because of someone's death, symbolized by black colored tears.Questionable or mixed feeling tears-between sad and happy, sad because of losing someone important and happy out of greed because of the insurance policy or the inheritance s/he will get, symbolized by colorful tears.Tears of courtesy or as act of manner, just because of the situation and being polite someone shed the tears without feeling truly sad,symbolized by red colored tears.  The last one is tears of sincerity, whereas usually shed by family member like parent or siblings who has true love towards the one who passed away, symbolized by crystal clear tears.

As i saw it on the news, i kept thinking the tears of his friends, was it real or fake? was it truly come from the heart or just another act of modesty to gain some sympathy?well i would never knew that anyway, cause the depth of one's heart can never be discovered by other but only him/herself and the Mighty God. I just hope I can always be sincere and honest to everyone I love,always return their feeling, their trust with the same amount or even more and never betray or hurt them as long as I live.I hope they can feel it, cause nothing really matter the most but share the true bond of affection that comes from sincerity.I do believe in karma,it's like getting what we deserve, if we do good deed it will return to us the same way or even better, however if we do bad things, then just prepare ourselves for the consequences, even the worst nightmare we'll ever get.

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