Thursday, April 5, 2012

I knew it!

Today, I've learned another lesson that I hardly swallowed with my clear logic.I barely can stand with this kind of bulls*** any longer. I've never expected to be like this, to be difficult like this when I try to be who I am. I'm not the kind of person who love or enjoy herself in kissing someone's shoes just to get good grade that I deserved to get in the 1st place. Life is unfair I know, but how stupid can they be when they just allow such thing to happen? especially in terms of 'respectful' job they're doing. I don't like to show my respect to those who are full of themselves, think of themselves as the all high and mighty people. I won't give to such nonsense, but I put my mind now that I might not take a look another way to that path anymore. I don't want to be another hypocrite, I just want to be who I am.

My parent raised me in a proper manner, and I will just let it go. I just had enough already.

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