Thursday, November 1, 2012

my wish

I wish this world would appear in definite black and white but no,unfortunately it isn't. The shade of grey will always be in between.

I wish I can see clearly the people whom I can put my trust to, but no, unfortunately I can't distinguish between the sincerity and lies anymore.

I wish to live in my beautiful imagination, so that I wouldn't have to see the rotten part of this real life has stored for me, but no, there's no such thing ever exist.

I wish to see the real faces of my friends along their real attitude but no, faceless unknown friends seems to put my heart content more than they do.

I wish the innocent and honest children would rule everything instead of some adults who are wagging their tails to get what they want in every way possible.although it means by breaking all the rules and hurting others.

I wish nothing but God to always be with me in every step of the way.

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