Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our wedding anniversary

Today will be the last day before celebrating our wedding ceremony tomorrow. It brings me back to the old time memories of our story. I met him, we barely talked and we got married. All I keep in mind is that I believe in God's destiny for me. I have faith in everything that I have decided for my life. Spending my life with him is one of those decision that took a lot of efforts to hold on to.It's not an easy thing indeed to keep my marriage life steady, cause it took tons of times and energy to tolerate, understand, appreciate, accept and sincerely devote everything for the sake of it.

It occurred to me that some of my friends have lost it along the way.They didn't care anymore about the commitment, trust, honesty, intimacy which once they've shared in the beginning of their marriage. They often excused themselves for being not in love or unable to love their partner, although they already have children among them. They also blamed every single thing they could think of  as a prerogative right, which is actually wrong, to cheat and find another love interest outside their own spouses.Up until know, no matter how I think about it by re-listing their reasons, I can't find an acceptable one to grant their attitudes. I feel sorry for them as they didn't appreciate what life's stored for them.May God always protect me from such things.

Aside of them, I remember all the good and bad times between us - me and my hubby, all the sacrifices, the tears, joy, sadness, anger, happiness we've shared through these years.I have always been grateful for God has sent him to me. I could never think of anyone else than him to be by my side. He who understands me more than others.He who always be patience with me, accepts me for who I am. I can't think of any other reason but one thing that he's truly the best-ever-God-given blessing for me. I wish we can get through the rest of our life together until the death do us part. Amiin.

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