Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life is not only a bunch of miracles, is it?

Well, it happened again and again. It’s irritating and annoying but what can I do? simply nothing. I ‘m already weary, exhausted with all I’ve seen for the past 2.5 years.  All I have in mind is just putting my first priority and goal to be the only top list that I have to concentrate on for the rest of the time I have here for my parents’ sake. Actually, I’m truly eager with the need to take some fresh air, fresh environment, fresh and bright aura and damn; I really miss my time with my imaginations, my solitude art life which stores nothing but honesty without mask on. I don’t have to hide what I have in mind and only becoming who I am. I don’t want to pretend to be someone else, put a fake cheerful face and friendly smile; hence I’m not a role player. In brief, I just need to put my mind in the right place comfortably.

My mom told me to be responsible in everything that I do, I have been taught to do what’s right and it doesn’t change just because I grow older, busier, and lazier for I have no right to use those as excuses. I’m not being righteous, I’m a mere human who try to make her life easier. I don’t think life is a bunch of miracles which give us nothing but fun, happiness or success no matter what we do. No, it’s quite the opposite, there are always balances that I might not get what I want but it always sucks when I lose after trying my hardest especially to those who by all means, do things necessary to smooth their way through even if its wrong, and meanwhile only in this place that possibility ever happens almost continuously not anywhere else and never happened to me in other places either. Only God knows why. I just wish there will be a huge wind of changes that wipe it all straight away and I can smile lightheartedly without any worries left. I just hope for this one, time flies…

It’s not that all of the things are worst; there are still some people that exist with their senses but just not good enough. Someone’s capability can’t be measured only by their attitudes, by not kissing the almighty someone’s butt. If the authorized person do the job properly, I don’t it the misjudge act will occur anyway. Dislike me for telling what’s on my mind? So be it, I write to express not to impress or kiss some …
(insert pic is mine-the death of Andy Warhol)

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