Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Temptation of an Angel, Temptation of Wife and El Cuerpo del Deseo

I just finished watching Korean drama with the title: Temptation of an Angel (ToaA) about two days ago. At the beginning this drama provided a very promising story, although it was called as the male version of previous drama titled 'Temptation of Wife'(ToW), but along the way it was too disappointing to continue. In brief, the story was about revenging one another between the main characters for ruining or destroying their families and lives. However, the ToW was much more interesting compared to ToaA, in terms of developing the characters, arranging the storyline/plot,  and most of all, the ending.There were many flaws in ToaA, starting from the unexplainable part of every reason why the 'bad' wife did her revenge, meanwhile in ToW, everything is explained thoroughly.

In addition, I don't know for some reasons, I took side of the bad wife rather than innocent sister who helped the guy to plan his revenge. It is just too annoying to see the sister whether from her expression or acting compared to the bad wife Jo Ah ran who played her part perfectly. The husband, Hyeon Woo, was good enough played by the actor before he was 'operated' and replaced by Bae Soo bin. His mean and hurtful expression was too fake to be believed.Anyway, basically it was not entertaining at all for me until I have to press the fast forward button to make it end sooner.

The interesting fact is, when I suddenly remembered that this theme was once brought by the Spanish telenovela titled El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) that was once aired in the local television a few years ago, long before these two dramas. Revenge and giving lesson to those who did the crime was all the same except the fact that the soul of the old guy whom murdered by his wife and his attorney was not rest in peace and chose to enter a young handsome man and started his revenge. Unfortunately, the local television didn't finish play all the episodes, but based on the review on some sites, the story was quite satisfying.

Therefore, my conclusion is, these 3 story shared a lot of things in common or probably the Korean version was inspired by the telenovela, who knows. El Cuerpo and Temptation of Wife were good enough to watch but leave the temptation of an angel alone if you don't want to yawn and sleep half way.    

Friday, March 7, 2014


What's on my mind? I wonder about it myself too actually. I have a lot of things circling around on my mind and I don't have slightest time to think about any unimportant things since my life is not included in bothering myself with it so much. However, I've found out and realized that there are some people who exist to still very 'attached and fond' of me in an amazing way by telling a fairytale drama using their very unique and creative imagination to the level of becoming a skilled story teller to their seemed-to-be-naive audiences.

All I've heard is a made up story about me (as if I were a famous person, meanwhile I'm not) with all the added hush hush gossip spices to make it more 'yummy and delicious' no matter what were the ingredients contained inside. I'm not a talkative person instead I'm a very private person who prefer to listen rather than let my tongue out on the loose uncontrollable. I think a lot what did I do wrong? what did I do til certain people bothered to spend their time on me? well, I can't come up with any answers but merely a thought.That if I did wrong things to achieve my purposes, God surely wouldn't let me get what I want. But the fact showed me differently, I'm grateful and feeling so blessed for being able to achieve my goal and put a smile on my parent's face. I believe if I do good things, the reward will be goodness and if I do the opposite, the payment is also equal or even worst. Some people call it karma.

I work in art where imagination solely to the satisfaction of the creator without disturbing other people on purpose. And as far as I know, that noble job called 'sensei' is far better on the impact towards the people, the next generation. Unfortunately some people who claimed to be better and had this noble occupation are those who point their fingers right at me for their personal issues. I believe that there are good people, good teachers who knew very well and carved inside this thought inside their mind that being a teacher is a role model of life especially in good things and good deeds.

I've worked so damn hard to reach everything not by lazying around and talk about people.So, in the end I've come to a conclusion for my die hard fans that ' jealousy is the act of someone's incompetency to achieve the same accomplishment.' Start to shut your mouth and get your logic and hands to work and prove you are as capable or even better than me.I'll be more respectful toward you if you do.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Accomplishment and New Plan

Last year of 2013 was a very memorable year for me personally due to a lot of things that had happened, a lot of memories that were created both in good and bad. Nevertheless, I'm grateful to still be able to breath this fresh air and stand on my own feet.

Thank God, I managed to reach the final goal as planned with a little delayed and obstacles here and there.I believe with the spirit and determination without neglecting to do the right thing will provide me a good result and it did.

There are some people who dislike and envy of what I had achieved, but I couldn't care less since it was not important although truthfully quite bothersome. They just saw it with their uncontrollable emotion without using their logic to blurt out some horrific dramas and weird imagination of how they perceive things about me in their filthy minds. They would never know the real truth, they will never learn when they just stuck in their little empty space corner of mind. There were not enough words to describe it, well lets just say, jealousy is the act of someone's incompetency to achieve the same thing.

Now that I had finished the goal, I will start to plan what is the next step to be arranged in my circle of dreams about the future. Although I would never know what the future will brings, but a keen preparation would somehow helps. At least that's what I thought. I have written in my mind a few options to choose. It will be being faithfully devoted artist - from either designing, writing or drawing comic, or trying new challenging field such as teaching and probably translating. Let me put some thoughts about it after refreshing my mind better. I still hope God be with me along the way.  

Time slip Dr.Jin, Queen In Hyun's man, Faith and Rooftop Prince reviews

A few days ago, I watched Time slip Dr.Jin not until the very end because I was drop dead bored. I was kind of losing my patience and interest in continuing to watch.All of this nonsense and weird things I found along the way were too distracting to ignore.

The themes of these drama are one of a kind with the 'time machine' theme where the characters jump up to the present or go way back to the past. The thing is, not all of the stories worked the way it should be. At least that's how I perceive this in my mind. Most of them are sort of 'forced' into the storyline/plot. 
 Take an example, Dr.Jin. This drama is based on Japanese manga with the same title.I haven't read the manga yet, but I can quite imagine typical Japanese storyline which turn into this drama with a total mess. No chemistry, no cultural/time shock, so many unanswered questions due to weak storyline, and what made them made less to comprehend is the equipment, especially in health hygiene that can not be tolerated. Not to mention the surgery procedure just out of the mind. Oh well, just leave this one out, unless if you really like the casts who played the characters.
The lead actors were failed to bring it out or maybe the story was too awful to be tolerated.
 Another case happened with Queen In Hyun's man. It's less disturbing as the first one though. The story or the idea was interesting since its related with magic. However, still, I can't somehow accept the adjustment acts to the time shock by the main character. It seems far too easy and enjoyable. Given by the fact that he's being told as the clever scholar, it just too much to be understood.  The chemistry worked just fine although to be honest I sometimes bothered by the facial expression from the main actress, which probably was the effect on her 'obvious plastic surgery' face. The story did not provide a deep and heavy thought to the audience but merely a light love story with a little additional conflict here and there. It's quite OK for entertaining yourself with some romance. 

Faith, hmm what can I say about this one. I lost interest in watching fully til the end. I don't have the problem with medical things but the again this one probably shared the same problem with Dr.Jin. It was just ridiculous although the casts (again) were promising due to the fact that I like the actors who played the characters.

Last but not least, Rooftop Prince. This one, so far, was the best interpretation of time slipping  combined with good storyline, acting and chemistry. A great lost to be missed in each episode and pretty entertaining with some comedy, drama and romance all at once. It's recommended to see and spend your time with, if you're looking for a good entertainment.