Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Accomplishment and New Plan

Last year of 2013 was a very memorable year for me personally due to a lot of things that had happened, a lot of memories that were created both in good and bad. Nevertheless, I'm grateful to still be able to breath this fresh air and stand on my own feet.

Thank God, I managed to reach the final goal as planned with a little delayed and obstacles here and there.I believe with the spirit and determination without neglecting to do the right thing will provide me a good result and it did.

There are some people who dislike and envy of what I had achieved, but I couldn't care less since it was not important although truthfully quite bothersome. They just saw it with their uncontrollable emotion without using their logic to blurt out some horrific dramas and weird imagination of how they perceive things about me in their filthy minds. They would never know the real truth, they will never learn when they just stuck in their little empty space corner of mind. There were not enough words to describe it, well lets just say, jealousy is the act of someone's incompetency to achieve the same thing.

Now that I had finished the goal, I will start to plan what is the next step to be arranged in my circle of dreams about the future. Although I would never know what the future will brings, but a keen preparation would somehow helps. At least that's what I thought. I have written in my mind a few options to choose. It will be being faithfully devoted artist - from either designing, writing or drawing comic, or trying new challenging field such as teaching and probably translating. Let me put some thoughts about it after refreshing my mind better. I still hope God be with me along the way.  

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