Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Temptation of an Angel, Temptation of Wife and El Cuerpo del Deseo

I just finished watching Korean drama with the title: Temptation of an Angel (ToaA) about two days ago. At the beginning this drama provided a very promising story, although it was called as the male version of previous drama titled 'Temptation of Wife'(ToW), but along the way it was too disappointing to continue. In brief, the story was about revenging one another between the main characters for ruining or destroying their families and lives. However, the ToW was much more interesting compared to ToaA, in terms of developing the characters, arranging the storyline/plot,  and most of all, the ending.There were many flaws in ToaA, starting from the unexplainable part of every reason why the 'bad' wife did her revenge, meanwhile in ToW, everything is explained thoroughly.

In addition, I don't know for some reasons, I took side of the bad wife rather than innocent sister who helped the guy to plan his revenge. It is just too annoying to see the sister whether from her expression or acting compared to the bad wife Jo Ah ran who played her part perfectly. The husband, Hyeon Woo, was good enough played by the actor before he was 'operated' and replaced by Bae Soo bin. His mean and hurtful expression was too fake to be believed.Anyway, basically it was not entertaining at all for me until I have to press the fast forward button to make it end sooner.

The interesting fact is, when I suddenly remembered that this theme was once brought by the Spanish telenovela titled El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) that was once aired in the local television a few years ago, long before these two dramas. Revenge and giving lesson to those who did the crime was all the same except the fact that the soul of the old guy whom murdered by his wife and his attorney was not rest in peace and chose to enter a young handsome man and started his revenge. Unfortunately, the local television didn't finish play all the episodes, but based on the review on some sites, the story was quite satisfying.

Therefore, my conclusion is, these 3 story shared a lot of things in common or probably the Korean version was inspired by the telenovela, who knows. El Cuerpo and Temptation of Wife were good enough to watch but leave the temptation of an angel alone if you don't want to yawn and sleep half way.    

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