Friday, March 7, 2014


What's on my mind? I wonder about it myself too actually. I have a lot of things circling around on my mind and I don't have slightest time to think about any unimportant things since my life is not included in bothering myself with it so much. However, I've found out and realized that there are some people who exist to still very 'attached and fond' of me in an amazing way by telling a fairytale drama using their very unique and creative imagination to the level of becoming a skilled story teller to their seemed-to-be-naive audiences.

All I've heard is a made up story about me (as if I were a famous person, meanwhile I'm not) with all the added hush hush gossip spices to make it more 'yummy and delicious' no matter what were the ingredients contained inside. I'm not a talkative person instead I'm a very private person who prefer to listen rather than let my tongue out on the loose uncontrollable. I think a lot what did I do wrong? what did I do til certain people bothered to spend their time on me? well, I can't come up with any answers but merely a thought.That if I did wrong things to achieve my purposes, God surely wouldn't let me get what I want. But the fact showed me differently, I'm grateful and feeling so blessed for being able to achieve my goal and put a smile on my parent's face. I believe if I do good things, the reward will be goodness and if I do the opposite, the payment is also equal or even worst. Some people call it karma.

I work in art where imagination solely to the satisfaction of the creator without disturbing other people on purpose. And as far as I know, that noble job called 'sensei' is far better on the impact towards the people, the next generation. Unfortunately some people who claimed to be better and had this noble occupation are those who point their fingers right at me for their personal issues. I believe that there are good people, good teachers who knew very well and carved inside this thought inside their mind that being a teacher is a role model of life especially in good things and good deeds.

I've worked so damn hard to reach everything not by lazying around and talk about people.So, in the end I've come to a conclusion for my die hard fans that ' jealousy is the act of someone's incompetency to achieve the same accomplishment.' Start to shut your mouth and get your logic and hands to work and prove you are as capable or even better than me.I'll be more respectful toward you if you do.

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