Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time slip Dr.Jin, Queen In Hyun's man, Faith and Rooftop Prince reviews

A few days ago, I watched Time slip Dr.Jin not until the very end because I was drop dead bored. I was kind of losing my patience and interest in continuing to watch.All of this nonsense and weird things I found along the way were too distracting to ignore.

The themes of these drama are one of a kind with the 'time machine' theme where the characters jump up to the present or go way back to the past. The thing is, not all of the stories worked the way it should be. At least that's how I perceive this in my mind. Most of them are sort of 'forced' into the storyline/plot. 
 Take an example, Dr.Jin. This drama is based on Japanese manga with the same title.I haven't read the manga yet, but I can quite imagine typical Japanese storyline which turn into this drama with a total mess. No chemistry, no cultural/time shock, so many unanswered questions due to weak storyline, and what made them made less to comprehend is the equipment, especially in health hygiene that can not be tolerated. Not to mention the surgery procedure just out of the mind. Oh well, just leave this one out, unless if you really like the casts who played the characters.
The lead actors were failed to bring it out or maybe the story was too awful to be tolerated.
 Another case happened with Queen In Hyun's man. It's less disturbing as the first one though. The story or the idea was interesting since its related with magic. However, still, I can't somehow accept the adjustment acts to the time shock by the main character. It seems far too easy and enjoyable. Given by the fact that he's being told as the clever scholar, it just too much to be understood.  The chemistry worked just fine although to be honest I sometimes bothered by the facial expression from the main actress, which probably was the effect on her 'obvious plastic surgery' face. The story did not provide a deep and heavy thought to the audience but merely a light love story with a little additional conflict here and there. It's quite OK for entertaining yourself with some romance. 

Faith, hmm what can I say about this one. I lost interest in watching fully til the end. I don't have the problem with medical things but the again this one probably shared the same problem with Dr.Jin. It was just ridiculous although the casts (again) were promising due to the fact that I like the actors who played the characters.

Last but not least, Rooftop Prince. This one, so far, was the best interpretation of time slipping  combined with good storyline, acting and chemistry. A great lost to be missed in each episode and pretty entertaining with some comedy, drama and romance all at once. It's recommended to see and spend your time with, if you're looking for a good entertainment.

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