Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Inspired after watching Friends, Long Vacation and No Reservations

Earlier last week, I was very bored and needed something to lift up my mood. Therefore, I re-watched these 2dramas and 1movie to at least, made myself better and it worked. Somehow, I felt re-energized after watching those due to great and inspiring story. All were about never stop in chasing your dream and made it came true although you have to fight and struggle for it.

Cultural differences (friends), age gap (long vacation) and contrast character (no reservations) are nothing, or reserved no excuses when it comes to finding a soul mate, a best friend, a compatible partner who would support you in any cost while going after your dream. After all human can not live by themselves entirely for sometimes they need a hand to hold on to, a shoulder to cry on and a mind to share your vision with, which in the end, helping you to transform through the process before finally reaching the finish line.

The thing is, are we going to be brave enough to believe in ourselves and patiently hold on to it without ever doubt  the possibilities of the success. People may say whatever, but the one who let it all got to you is you not them. No matter how sad or painful, they will always say things that might discourage you,always. 

A wannabe film director (friends), a talented pianist (long vacation) and a self-centered chef (no reservations) almost gave up their dreams and put themselves up to a point where they are limited, not limitless when it comes to shaping their dream into reality. However, one closest person who understand is enough to push them back in to the right track.

In the end, it will all depend on one own self to make one dream come true. I'm so lucky to have that someone by my side and accepting me for who I am while trying to pursue my dreams. Hopefully I will have the same happy ending as those characters on the stories in achieving the dreams.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Myung Wol the Spy drama(2011), & That Winter, the wind blows(2013) )

Myung Wol the Spy
I can only say one thing.This drama totally does not worth your time to watch. Although the first episode is quite promising but the next one up to the end is a total mess.Inability to show a good chemistry, good acting and most of all poor plot/storyline are very obvious.I can't quite catch what the writer of this drama tried to pull to make the audience interested to follow it til the end.
It revolved around a clumsy spy and also an army member of North Korea Han Myung Wol, to help her colleague to retrieve the four joints ancients book and kidnap Halyu star Kang Woo.

 Myung Wol then fell in love out of her curiosity during her mission towards Kang Woo. There was also a love triangle or rather nonreciprocal love from the side characters as the typical mainstream of Korean drama. Anyway, all I need to describe is everything felt wrong all over. 

If you want to watch this type of drama/spy thing, then I recommend other drama instead, such as Iris or Sweet spy. Those are better than this one.

That Winter, the Wind Blows
This drama was quite good and memorable for me. I like everything in this drama starting from the casts, the story, the background views and chemistry.

 It was about a gambler who was abandoned by his mother in the young age, Oh Soo, who has similar name with a brother of a blind orphan girl Oh Young, who inherit a large corporation from recently deceased father. 

Their destinies came across with each other based on guilt and need. They finally depended on themselves to survive the situation which rather getting more difficult.

The drama was another interpretation of Japanese drama Ai nante irane yo, natsu (TBS / 2002). I kind of wondering, should I watch the Japanese version as well.For sure it will be different due to cultural and mainstream of the country.

It is 8.5 out of 10 for my personal rating as a recommended or watchable drama.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Miss You / Missing You

I watched this drama almost a month ago. I like it very much and cried a lot especially in the early episodes where the young characters were well-played by the young actors. Great chemistry and good story line for the entire episodes.

However when the characters grew old and became adults, it did not carry the same 'feel' as before. The chemistry is lesser than before. But it doesn't really matter anyway. The story was revolving a bitter childhood life of the main characters, then finding the first and true love and also tragic-desperation but happy in the ending.

It was good and I have no regret watching it. I give like 8.5 out of 10 for this.

The Heirs, Man from another stars and Prime Minister and I

I've watched these three drama almost in a row for last few days.
The first one was the Heirs.Out of curiosity due to overwhelming reactions from drama fans and news on the net, I want to know what it was all about by watching the drama. Unfortunately I have to say that I wasn't that all pleased after finishing all the episodes. The drama has many flaws and reminded me too much of Hana Yori Dango or BBF in Korean version.
If I have to make a list of it, it will be: 1) Storyline and climax which were too stereotyped and predictable.Actually it was quite promising in the beginning but gotten so boring through the end. While basically, it can be explored in deeper and bitter plot. 2) Acting and expressions of Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang were disappointing with lack of chemistry. 3) No inspiring aspects for the audiences, but only a parade of wealthy living style and miserable life of being poor. 4) Portraying reality less than it should be. Finally, I give only 6 out of 10 for the rating or recommendation to watch list.
The 2nd one is Man from another stars/ You who came from the stars.This one was created and wrapped in a better way to entertain me as the audience. I personally like almost all aspects that stored in this drama. The storyline was quite good, the acting was good and especially the special effects used in it. I like Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi characters which well-played by both actors.Although it was not as amazing as Moon Embrace the Sun or Shining Inheritance.I give 8 out of 10 for this one, and quite recommended to watch.

The last one is The Prime Minister and I. I just finished watching it this morning at 1AM. I thought it will be something heavy and deep like Karei Naru Ichizoku or Change! -both are Japanese dorama played by Takuya Kimura (the drama also portrayed what I think of the Heirs would be) but sadly it was not. It was merely another drama comedy without something too heavy and bitter to think about. It also shared similarity with the heirs which can not decide whether it would be purely comical, humor-comedy, political based or pure family drama. Lack of chemistry, full awkwardness, and looking-good-on camera expressions instead of good acting. I need to be more selective next time when it comes to spare some times for watching drama again.I give like 6 out of 10 for this.The only thing I like about it is the marriage contract which remind me of Full House or Sassy Girl Choon Hyang.

I don't know why, but for me personally, Korean drama these days is similar one another. I hardly find something I love and very memorable like the old days were.