Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Inspired after watching Friends, Long Vacation and No Reservations

Earlier last week, I was very bored and needed something to lift up my mood. Therefore, I re-watched these 2dramas and 1movie to at least, made myself better and it worked. Somehow, I felt re-energized after watching those due to great and inspiring story. All were about never stop in chasing your dream and made it came true although you have to fight and struggle for it.

Cultural differences (friends), age gap (long vacation) and contrast character (no reservations) are nothing, or reserved no excuses when it comes to finding a soul mate, a best friend, a compatible partner who would support you in any cost while going after your dream. After all human can not live by themselves entirely for sometimes they need a hand to hold on to, a shoulder to cry on and a mind to share your vision with, which in the end, helping you to transform through the process before finally reaching the finish line.

The thing is, are we going to be brave enough to believe in ourselves and patiently hold on to it without ever doubt  the possibilities of the success. People may say whatever, but the one who let it all got to you is you not them. No matter how sad or painful, they will always say things that might discourage you,always. 

A wannabe film director (friends), a talented pianist (long vacation) and a self-centered chef (no reservations) almost gave up their dreams and put themselves up to a point where they are limited, not limitless when it comes to shaping their dream into reality. However, one closest person who understand is enough to push them back in to the right track.

In the end, it will all depend on one own self to make one dream come true. I'm so lucky to have that someone by my side and accepting me for who I am while trying to pursue my dreams. Hopefully I will have the same happy ending as those characters on the stories in achieving the dreams.

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